The Importance of Well Visits

When you have children, getting pediatric well visits in the Bronx, NY helps to make sure your kids are as healthy as they can be. At Bronx Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Joice Samuel, Dr. Mirdula Sharma, and Emily Wilson PNP make sure your kids get all the wellness care they need. 

What is a Pediatrician Well Visit?

Everyone knows what a sick visit is. You take your child to the pediatrician when they are ill. But what exactly is a well visit? These are the visits scheduled on a regular basis to make sure that everything is going exactly as it should be with your child. Well visits to your pediatrician begin when your child is only a few days old and go on until they are 21

Well Visit Schedule

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests 7 visits in the first year:

  • Birth, months 1, 2, 4, 6, 9. and 12
  • 3 visits during the second year, 15, 18, and 24 months, and then at 30 months
  • Once a year, between three years old and 21 

What Can You Expect at a Well-Child Visit?

  • The doctor will do a physical exam
  • Your child will receive the vaccines and immunizations appropriate for their age
  • Your child will be weighed and their height measured
  • You will be asked about development and behavior
  • Physical fitness and nutrition will be discussed
  • Safety and health concerns will be addressed
  • How to handle emergencies and sudden illnesses may come up

Beyond these things, take this opportunity to talk to your pediatrician about your child and any questions you may have. No one knows your child as well as you do and if you let the doctor do all the talking you are missing an opportunity. Make a list at home, so you won't forget the things you have concerns about. No question is too silly or too trivial when it is about your child. Use your pediatric well visits in Bronx, NY wisely. 

What are some milestones my child should be meeting?

At 6 months- your child will be able to roll over, have pretty good hand-eye coordination, and respond to their name.

At 1 year- your child will be saying dada and mama and a few steps are likely.

At 2 years- The terrible twos bring running and stringing words together.

At 4 years- your child will be social and enjoy playing with other kids.

When you need pediatric well visits in the Bronx, NY, Dr. Samuel, Dr. Sharma, and Emily Wilson PNP of Bronx Kids Pediatrics offer a full spectrum of pediatric services. Call their office for an appointment at 718-708-4594. 

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