Developmental Delay Screenings

Screening For Developmental Delays in Bronx, NY

From the moment your baby is born they are going through so many physical and developmental changes it’s incredible. That’s why having a pediatrician that you trust to provide quality, compassionate and comprehensive care is so important, as they will need to monitor your child’s health and development throughout their childhood.

Detecting developmental and cognitive delays as well as behavioral and neurological conditions early on is paramount to ensuring that your child gets the treatment they need not just to manage symptoms but also to succeed personally, socially and academically.

By keeping up to date on your child’s wellness visits our pediatrician Dr. Joice Samuel and her team can continue to monitor your child’s development and also use special behavioral and physical screenings and assessments to be able to uncover certain problems that may affect social and emotional behaviors, cognition, language and communication or physical development.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children receive developmental and behavioral screenings during routine checkups at 9, 18 and 30 months. Children are usually screened for autism spectrum disorders at around 18 and 24 months.

Don’t be alarmed; these developmental screenings are recommended for all children even if there aren’t any concerns about their health. Your child may receive additional screenings and tests if they have risk factors such as low birth weight that could increase their risk for developmental disorders.

During well-child visits, your pediatrician will observe your child’s behaviors and mannerisms, identify potential risk factors, go through your child’s medical and family history and discuss any concerns or findings with the parents.

Of course, it’s important for parents to also recognize symptoms or signs of certain developmental, cognitive, emotional or physical delays or issues. Parents should also be watching and observing their children no matter their age. The CDC offers helpful milestone checklists to help parents recognize warning signs early on so our pediatric team can act fast. Early detection and treatment are key for many of these behavioral and developmental disorders.

If you have questions about behavioral and physical screenings that we perform during a child’s checkup, don’t hesitate to call Bronx Kids Pediatrics in Bronx, NY at (718) 708-4594 today!

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