When Are Screening for Developmental Delays Recommended?

At Bronx Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Joice Samuel, Dr. Mirdula Sharma, and Emily Wilson PNP can provide New York residents with many pediatric care options. For example, they can provide screening for developmental delays in Bronx, NY, and the surrounding areas. But what exactly are these screenings? And when are they important? Let's define this topic and take a deep look at why it matters so much to you and your child's development. In this way, you can feel comfortable about their health.

What are Developmental Delay Screenings?

A developmental delay screening occurs at various points throughout a young child's growth. Pediatricians examine various symptoms to track a child's development, making sure to check for physical, tactile, and coordination concerns. They base their examination on expectations of what a child at that age should be doing and where your child lies on that range and what kinds of progress you're likely to see as they age further.

While a few struggles may just indicate a late bloomer, more serious concerns in a screening for developmental delays in Bronx, NY, may reveal more serious concerns. That's why your pediatrician typically schedules these tests fairly frequently throughout your child's early life. You're likely to see your doctor at least 3-4 times in the first two years of your child's life, though this may vary based on many factors that could affect your child's health.

A Typical Developmental Screening Schedule

Your first developmental screening typically occurs nine months after your child's birth. At this age, your child should start to show more complex movements and coordination abilities. They may also start walking or crawling more effectively at this age. During your screening, your pediatrician will compare their progress to expectations and decide when to schedule your next screening.

Typically, you'll do at least two more during your child's first 30 months: another at 18 months and the last at 30 months. However, your child may also receive screenings for autism spectrum disorder at 18 and 24 months, meaning you're likely to see your doctor up to four times. If your child is at high risk for developmental disabilities due to environmental exposure or a premature birth, you may also see your doctor more often.

Take Great Care of Your Child

At Bronx Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Samuel, Dr. Sharma, and Emily Wilson PNP can advise you on the best times to get a screening for developmental delays in Bronx, NY. They can also help you understand your child's progress and get a better insight into their growth. Please call us at (718) 708-4594 to learn more or to set up your appointment. We'll do what we can to help you and your child.

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